Marvin Kutscha is a Hamburg based independent Designer and Animator. He makes animated explanatory videos, minimalistic illustrations and simple to use websites. Write a Mail or follow on Twitter.

Vodafone Securenet
Explanatory Video

For the Launch of a new Antivirus-Service which was specially made for mobile devices, Vodafone Germany asked us to make a short explanatory video, which illustrates the functionality. I created a scene on an airport, where downloaded data has to pass a security-check where it gets scanned, before it can enter the mobile-device. In a second scene, an app will be shown that protects mobile devices while using a public wifi-hotspot.

Client: Vodafone Deutschland
Agency: SHAKEN not STIRRED Consulting
Design, Animation & Sound: Marvin Kutscha
Projectmanagement: Lukas Möller
Voiceover: Kolja Busdorf

Vodafone MeinNetz
Explanatory Microsite

Vodafone has been investing 4 billion euros in the net-infrastructure in Germany. This meant an increase of 4 billion Euros for selfies, food pictures and cat content. But most people don't know why, when and where such a large amount will be invested. Sounds like a boring topic with a lot of details about technical facts. Vodafone asked us to create a Microsite, which answers these questions. I built a website which tells the user a story in three chapters along a simple layout using animated infographics and icons. The project has been honoured with Silver by the Annual Multimedia Award 2015 in the category Microsite.

Client: Vodafone Deutschland
Agency: SHAKEN not STIRRED Consulting
Projectmanagement: Jörg Staggenborg
Design, Illustration and Animation: Marvin Kutscha
Frontend-Development: Nico Hübner, Marvin Kutscha

Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Allnet
Preroll Ads

Vodafone asked us to create two 30 seconds Preroll-Ads, that show the benefits of the first prepaid-card which supports 4G|LTE for smartphones.

Client: Vodafone
Agency: SHAKEN not STIRRED Consulting
Projectmanagement: Annika Brandt
Design & Animation: Marvin Kutscha
Voiceover: Kolja Bustorf

Kutscha Konfektionierungen
Branding, Imagevideo & Website

After graduating design school, I helped my parents assembling-company to develop it’s Corporate Identity and created a Brand-Strategy, a Corporate Design, an animated image video, a small range of illustrations as well as a website with an one-page-layout. The idea behind the brand-strategy is, that the assembling-company has the benefit to focus more on details and creativity due to it’s flexibility of being a small business. Compared to the competitors, who already run their tasks fully automatic, Kutscha Konfektionierungen does a lot of tasks manually by hand. This is why the two K’s of the Logo are assembled with a small lovely ribbon, which only human hands can make.

Theissen Medien Gruppe

Over the Years the Theissen Media Group has evolved their business, from being just a printing company to a full-service advertising company, even with skills in building apps and websites. In 2014, TMG asked me to make a short animated image video, which explains their new positioning and service-portfolio to their existing customers.

Client: Theissen Medien Gruppe
Direction, Design & Animation: Marvin Kutscha
Sound-Engineering: Florian Damm
Voiceover: Jasmin Rathke

Bulls Copperhead 3
Making-of Video

The short video, which has been shown at the Bike Expo 2011, offers the exhibition visitor a look behind the scenes at the development of the Bulls Copperhead 3 Mountainbike.

Client: ZEG
Account-Manager: Kim Wittfeld
Animations & VFX: Marvin Kutscha
Cinematography & Editing: Dennis Duncker